Official Results - 6th Annual Shad and Crappie Derby 2014-2015

Grand Champions
Grand Champion Shad: Daryl McLain 19.25 inches
Grand Champion Crappie: Mike Tindel 16 inches

Division Prize Winners
Men’s Division Crappie: Stuart Levine 15.75 inches
Men’s Division Shad: Joe Collins 18.25 inches
Ladies Division Crappie: Lisa Huntley 14.75 inches
Ladies Division Shad: Barbara McLain 19 inches
Youth Division Crappie: Brandon Corriea 15 inches
Youth Division Shad: Logan Hoffman 17 inches
Pro Division Crappie: Ron Presley 15.5 inches
Pro Division Shad: Captain Tom Van Horn 18.25 inches
Fly Division Crappie: Vince Campanalie 14.75 Inches
Fly Division Shad: Jeff Cunningham 18.25 inches

Best Angler Photo
Barbara McLain – American Shad Fishing on the St Johns River

15-inch Crappie Club Winners
Ron Presley 15.5       Rick Hacker 15
Mike Cave 15            Mel Railsback 15
Jacob Priore 15         Tony Priore 15
Brandon Corriea 15    Bob Boulanger 15
James Hazelton 15    Mike Tindel 16
Alan Johnson 15        Lothian Ager 15
Robert Southwell 15   Stuart Levine 15
Sonny Walters 15.25  Bryan Wood 15
John Todd 15